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Metric Dental provides professional in office teeth whitening to patients throughout Broward County, Florida. Our professional teeth whitening system offers immediate, dazzling results in just one visit. The in-office Zoom!® treatment can be completed in an hour, and can safely brighten teeth up to eight shades.  Our highly trained dentists offer this highly effective teeth whitening treatment in our Tamarac office 6 days a week. Call us today and save $299 on Zoom Teeth Whitening!

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Customer Testimonials

  • "...Outstanding Service!"

    "From the scheduling of appointments to the actual procedures done, I have to say that they are by far the best dentist I've had to deal with. My 8 year old daughter was terrorized to go to the previous dentist but now looks forward to it. That was the ultimate validation that we found the right dentist! Just outstanding service!"
    Thomas Paine
  • "...Really Advanced!"

    "My old dentist was still using physical impressions and even cleanings were painful.  Metric Dental corrected what they hacked up.  Everything was digitally done.  From the moment you walk in the office, you can tell that it's not the typical dentist office.  It doesn't just look hi-tech.  Their technology was impressive and really advanced!"
    Roger Federer

Teeth Whitening Services

Metric Dental has teeth whitening dentists available 6 days a week. Cosmetic teeth whitening specialists are available from Monday through Saturday – up to 8pm on some days. Please see our office hours on the contact page for specific office hours. We’ve made it convenient to schedule your appointment by booking it through our website or simply calling us.  Dentist ZOOM teeth whitening is one of Metric Dental’s top areas of specialty. Our in-office teeth whitening dentists are among the top in the US. At Metric Dental, we’re committed to changing the way you feel about going to the dentist. From the moment you schedule your appointment and walk into our offices, you’ll experience second-to-none care. Your dental health, comfort and great smile is always our top priority. At Metric Dental, patients trust us to offer a lifetime of care for every member of their family. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Our team at Metric Dental can make that dream a reality. When seeking the finest laser teeth whitening Tamarac has ever seen, it doesn’t get any better than Metric Dental. Make the best decision with your dental care – Call to get teeth whitening scheduled today!


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From the ground up, we’ve designed everything from our waiting room, business and procedural equipment with your experience in mind. Our promise to you is that we will go over and beyond to over-deliver to make Metric Dental your #1 Choice for dental care.